Posted by: 2russ | September 13, 2017

Long Player

My daily, weekly, monthly, yearly long, and lifelong pursuit of a record album with the picture of four long haired cats never left me after about 13 yrs of age.  So here goes:

I hope you enjoy these albums that I find!

LP Stereo, The Exotic Sounds of… Arthur Lyman At The Crescendo: GNP Crescendo Records, GNP 605: Great Tiki Room Music – Hawaii !  … and Lyman on Vibes.


Exotic Sounds – Arthur Lyman

Tiki Room Music from Hawaii


Stereo Gatefold LP: Deram DES 18038; A generally good Set of music from Lee & Co. Of note, Engineered by Glyn Johns, this is the Bell Sound sf pressing. Excellent and plays above the look of the vinyl!


Cricklewood Green – Ten years After

If you liked Mick Abrahms of Jethro Tull, as I did, you will be a big fan of Alvin Lee on this TYA LP. This first pressing is impressive work by the same engineer and from the same studio and on the same label (London) ((Deram)), as the Stones’ Beggars Banquet. That oeuvre, from 1968 is famously the headstone for “Sympathy For The Devil.” On Cricklewood Green, the ghost of “Sympathy” perhaps that of the Prince of Darkness itself returns in the title: “50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain.” At Seven Minutes and Thirty Seven Seconds compared to Sympathy’s 6:14, The first minute starts out about like an homage to Donovan, Then the Kinks, Then the Who and the Beatles before the B part and the bass part of it along with the singing, results in a Sympathy redux! The rest of the album is oh so good, too!




Angel Delight – Fairport Convention

A&M LP: First Pressing of Angel Delight , US. Release. Two songs co written by RT. On Journeyman's hear power Folk Rock chording. Take Stock! Swarbrick in best form here. You get that Steeleye Vibe here, a bit early. Here is an album for all US Boomers to take stock in that you did not grow of age in bombed out London. But there, on Muswell Hill, (land of the Kinks), was the lonely hall named Fairport. And there in late 1965 or so was installed the hippie group into a Convention. Nothing so much to do with a Seaport really. Therein such Hall assembled the motley crew of Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny, (British Female Vocalist of the Year for 1970), Ashley Hutchings, Dave Swarbrick and the revolving door of bandmates. But somehow, their famous rock and roll band is today still known as the founder of British Folk Rock! Here is their 6th Album!


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