Posted by: 2russ | September 14, 2017

Hula Girl Records

Beggars Banquet – The Rolling Stones

This is the 1968 Stones Blues Rock and Classic Rock masterpiece. Songs include: Street Fighting Man and Sympathy For The Devil. In my last post, 2 of 3 albums had whoops, hollers and jungle sounds like monkeys howling. This album starts out with yells with Sympathy. Another album from this era, The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, has noted and irritating Monkey yelps. You find that often in otherwise straight ahead rock and roll and blues. This Stones album is from December of the year stated. This is from my personal collection and has my name and date in ink. That is how long I have had it: Since Dec. ’68. This features some very deep blues influence from Brian Jones on guitar and then credits are given to Nicky Hopkins, (piano), and to many friends. Woo-hoo……Woo-hooo!


The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Thirteenth Floor Elevators

1967 Texas Psych-Rock Band with the song that got to number 58, "You're Gonna Miss Me."


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